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Current Course Offerings

The Good Shepherd calls his sheep by name. Is he calling you to listen to God with the children?

SonFlower Region’s formation courses are listed below, with links for registration. If you’d like to spread the word about our work, you can download fliers for each level here.

Planning is difficult with coronavirus awareness and restrictions. The SonFlower Board has decided to cancel new Level I courses this summer; the nature of the COVID-19 restrictions make it nearly impossible to maintain the spirituality and integrity of these foundational sessions. The Level I, Part 2, course at Our Lady’s Montessori School, #1-1655-2, and the Level II, Part 2, course in Seneca, #2-546-2, have been postponed until summer 2021. All other courses, as of now, will continue as planned, though enrollment may be limited because of social-distancing guidelines.

Registrants will be notified of any changes in scheduling, and of course, you can always check here for updates.  If registrants cannot make the rescheduled dates, their deposit will be returned.

IMPORTANT: All course participants must sign a Waiver, Acknowledgement, and Pledge of Compliance regarding COVID-19 before class starts. Please download a copy here, review it, and sign it, bringing it to your first session. Read the compliance statement carefully as strict adherence to civil authority recommendations is required for course attendance. A waiver for minors, including breastfeeding infants, also is available; this must be signed for nursing babies to be with their moms. COVID-19 guidelines for our courses can be viewed here. You may direct any questions to the registrar or formation leader.

Thank you for your patience and your prayers. Stay safe and stay healthy!

Level I Formation Courses

Level II Formation Courses

Level II, Part 1: #2-602

Sept. 19, Oct. 17, Nov. 21, 2020
Jan. 16, Feb. 6, Feb. 20, March 6, May 1, 2021


Holy Trinity Church
Lenexa, Kan.

Registrar Jo Thornley Cox

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Level III Formation Courses

Level III, Part 2: #3-252

Part 1 “Covid” dates: Aug. 14-15, Sept. 11
Part 2:
Sept. 12, Oct. 9-10, Nov. 13-14, 2020
Jan. 9, Feb. 13, March 13, April 10, 2021


Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Lenexa, Kansas

Registrar Julie Baltuska

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Level T Formation Courses

No toddler formation courses are currently scheduled in our region. Please sign up for our newsletter below to be notified of new formation offerings, or check for courses through the United States Association of CGS.

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