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In the early Church, the atrium was the place where catechumens prepared themselves for participation in the full church community. Such is the atrium of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a prepared environment where children can be in conversation with God, deepening their relationship through Scripture and Liturgy, bringing them to fuller participation in the Mass and fuller understanding of the Kingdom in salvation history.

Below is a map of the atria in the Kansas City area. Click the pins to see contact information about each parish and the ages it serves.

SonFlower Region Atria

St. Andrew the Apostle

Contact Lucinda Bucker or Dcn. Brian Buckner
(816) 454-7377 ext 321
ages 3 to 12

St. Gabriel Archangel Parish/School

Jo Thornley Cox
ages 3 to 12

St. Therese North

Nancy Janasz
ages 3 to 6

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Maureen Leach
(913) 951-5134
ages 3 to 12

St. Thomas More

Kitty Kennedy
ages 3 to 6

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Kathy McKernan
ages 3 to 12

Our Lady of the Presentation

Jo Engert
ages 3 to 6

St. Benedict Parish/Holy Family Atrium

Cathe Sienkiewicz
ages 3 to 12

Sancta Maria Montessori Preschool

St. Patrick Preschool

Our Lady's Montessori School

Jenny Wallace
ages 3 to 12

St. John the Evangelist

Natasha Vallejo-Cooper
ages 3 to 12

Catholic Campus Center - Haskell Indians Nation University

Jean Finch
ages 3 to 12

Church of the Nativity Catholic Parish

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church

Diane Jones
ages 3 to 9

Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Diane Jones

ages 3 to 12

St. Paul Catholic Church & School

Veronica Donegan
(913) 671-9625
ages 3 to 9

Sacred Heart School

Angie Cameron
(785) 845-2720
K to 5th grade

Church of the Ascension Catholic School

Corey Grace
ages PS, K – 2

Holy Cross Catholic School and Early Education Center

Laura Haeusser: 913-341-9057

Eva Gavin: 913-706-7286

ages 3 to 12

Queen of the Holy Rosary

Josie Werkowitch
ages 3 to 6

St. Ann Catholic Church

Janet Lovick: 913-424-6385

ages 3 to 12

Sts. Peter and Paul

Angie Hammes
ages 3 to 9

Most Pure Heart of Mary

Kristi Gosser
ages 3 to 9 

St. Matthew

Sonya Sparks
785-232-5012, ext 210
ages 3 to 6

St. Bernard

St. Patrick

Monica Greenwood
ages 3 to 6

Good Shepherd Catholic Church

Annabella Wasserman

St. Gregory Berbiglio

St. John Francis Regis Academy

Our Lady of Lourdes

Sr. Maria Damiana Lee

Conception Abbey

Burns Home Atrium

Verso L’Alto Atrium

Christi Tomsche

ages 6 to 9

Cillessen Home Atrium

Kristin Cillessen
(913) 638-9620

Ages 6 to 9

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