Formation Courses

The Good Shepherd calls his sheep by name and leads them out. Is he calling you to listen to God with the children?

Catechists, or "religion teachers," in the prepared environment called the atrium come from many walks of life: college students, young parents, empty-nesters, career persons, priests, teachers, and grandparents are only a few. What they all have in common is a love for children and a love of their faith as well as the belief that the Master Teacher is God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Adults who complete the formation courses for each level are certified through the National Association of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Courses generally are 14 to 16 sessions over one or two years, depending on the host parish or school, and they account for 90 to 120 hours of class time. Usually each level's course comprises two parts of seven to eight sessions each. Formation leaders are certified through the National Association under the umbrella of the International Council (Consiglio) of CGS in Rome.

If your parish or school wants information about hosting a course, please contact the SonFlower Board at

Many different formation courses are scheduled, either new courses or continuing second parts of current courses. A contact person is listed and a brochure for each described below. Feel free to download the brochure and send to whoever you think may be called to this work.

Catechists enrolled in past SonFlower courses may audit all or parts of a SonFlower course at their Level with no additional tuition. This is a good way to make up missed presentations and reflections or to help clarify them. Request a syllabus from the contact.

Because Level I course participants are registered with the National Association under the course they started, they are encouraged to remain with their initial group as they move to Part 2. Level II course catechists are expected to take the parts in chronological order, though in special circumstances, the parts may be reversed. Refer questions to a course's contact person.

Click the button below to see all of the formation courses we currently offer.


Click the button below to see all of the formation courses we currently offer.