62: Christ the Good Shepherd and the Eucharist with Ruth Ohm Sutherland – Chapter 4 of The Religious Potential of the Child

Apr 27, 2022 | The Good Shepherd and the Child | 0 comments

“You prepare a table before me.” -Psalm 23:5


Today we will start a series of episodes covering different chapters from The Religious Potential of the Child.  We have a new page on the website where you can find the podcast episodes that correspond with different chapters in this book to aid your own personal study or a book study with some friends or catechists! We hope you will make this your summer book study! See below to purchase your copy of the third edition of The Religious Potential of the Child by Sofia Cavalletti. 


Ruth joins us on the podcast today to help us go deeper into Ch. 4 of The Religious Potential of the Child on Christ the Good Shepherd and the Eucharist.  She speaks about the connection between the Bible and the Liturgy, the “Sacrament of Gift” and so much more. 


Ruth Ohm Sutherland is a catechist in Levels 1-3 (currently involved in CGS Infant-Toddler Catechist Formation) and a Formation Leader for Level 1. She has started the CGS in several cities, most recently in Wausau, Wisconsin; she offers atrium sessions at all three levels in Wausau. Prior to moving to Wisconsin, Ruth taught Sacred Scripture at St. Patrick’s Seminary & University in San Francisco.


Purchase The Religious Potential of the Child 3rd Edition from our eStore.  Your purchase has a purpose – https://app.etapestry.com/cart/CatechesisGoodShepherd/default/item.php?ref=628.0.708804039

Check out our new podcast series page that tells you what episodes correspond to what chapter of the book! 

Download study questions for Religious Potential of the Child for your book study!

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