110: 110. Learning to Love- Father Dalmazio Mongillo and Patricia Coulter

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“Love as I love you.” John 13:34 


“Lent is the time in which the joy of loving is rejuvenated.” – Father Mongillo 


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Patricia Coulter joins us on the podcast to tell us more about Father Mongillo and to open up the beauty of his article, Learning to Love, from the 2009 journal.   


Read the article Learning to Love from the 2009 Journal 


Patricia Coulter met Sofia Cavalletti in 1975, and their friendship and close collaboration lasted until Sofia’s death in 2011. Patricia collaborated with Sofia in formation courses, in translations of her writings, and in coauthoring various books. Patricia’s most recent words are a collection of Sofia’s writings, All if Gift: Enjoying the Presence of God and letters, Look at the Light, Words of Loss and Love from Sofia Cavalletti. Dr. Coulter received her certification in the Franciscan Internship Program in Spiritual Direction and Directed Retreats and her doctorate in ministry from the University of St Michael’s College, University of Toronto. She is the recipient of the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice cross for her pastoral ministry with adults and children. 


Prayer by Father Mongillo, can be found on page 275-276 of A Year with Sofia Cavalletti

Trinity Love 


Trinity most sweet! 

Abba, Father! 

Son, Jesus! 

Spirit, Love! 

Trinity all love! 

Source of our identity and our 


source of our happiness! 

We adore you, we praise you, we bless you, 

we thank you, we love you! 

Abba, Father! give us your Spirit, 

give us the Spirit of your Son! 

The Spirit who knows the depths of your 


the Spirit who knows the depths of 

our mystery! 

Give us the Spirit, 

in whom you have entrusted the Son to us, 

the Spirit who took Jesus by the hand 

and made him Son for us! 

So that he takes us by the hand and accompanies us 

on our pilgrim way toward your dwelling, 

where we will contemplate you with uncovered face… 

And you will see Jesus in us, the beloved, 

and we will lose ourselves in your gaze of love 

as in an infinite sea… 

as the Son and in the Son, 

all in one with You… 

with the Beloved… with the Lover, 

in the same ecstasy of love forever! 



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CGSUSA is excited to offer you the audio version of The Religious Potential of the Child – 3rd Edition by Sofia Cavalletti, read by Rebekah Rojcewicz! 

The Religious Potential of the Child is not a “how-to” book, complete with lesson plans and material ideas. Instead it offers a glimpse into the religious life of the atrium, a specially prepared place for children to live out their silent request: “Help me come closer to God by myself.” Here we can see the child’s spiritual capabilities and perhaps even find in our own souls the child long burdened with religious information. This book serves as a companion to the second volume, The Religious Potential of the Child 6 to 12 Years Old. The desire to have this essential text available in audio has been a long-held goal for many. The work of many hands has combined to bring this release to life as an audiobook. 


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